“Everyone needs love, it is the main ingredient for happiness" - Jana

Meet the designer and founder: Jana Iankova, a girl that loves to create, dream and travel the world.

Finding inspiration all around the world and the majestic Rocky Mountains of Colorado, Jana designs and handcrafts unique jewelry pieces for her collection, Fast Love Designs.

Born and raised in Bulgaria, she always had aspirations to be a designer one day and share them with the rest of the world. During her time in Bulgaria, she concentrated her studies in fashion design during high school and graduated with a Bachelors Degree in Graphic Design from New Bulgarian University. With her heart set on seeing the rest of the world, and indulge her snowboarding passion she moved to Vail, CO in 2005 and fell in love with the small town, mountains, the people, and most importantly her husband (the love of her life).

Surrounded by the harmonious natural beauty of Vail, Jana started creating jewelry for her friends and family as an expression of gratitude and love. In little time, the positive feed back, increased requests, word spread around town and soon the demand was so large that she launch her own jewelry brand - Fast Love in 2013.

Jana’s creativeness is stirred by the natural splendor that surrounds her, the compassion of others, the love in her life as well as the exotic influences from her many travels across the global. She loves to use the gifts of Mother Earth by thoughtfully choosing natural stones and empowering crystals; she believes that each of her distinctive pieces contain a special and positive meaning for whoever cherishes it.

Although busy with her full-time job within Vail’s tourism and hospitality industries, Jana dedicates every minute of her free time between her passions. Besides creating one-of-a kind jewelry, Jana loves spending time with her loving husband and their himalayan cat, Ke'e. If there is any time left in her busy schedule, you’ll find her either surfing, snowboarding, cooking vegan meals or traveling to some new destination on her bucket list and exploring the world. In a nutshell, Jana is thoroughly enjoying life!

FAST LOVE’s Mission: To Give love Back! Fast Love is not about making another product to increase the mass consumerism, instead by buying that one piece of jewelry you really love, we give Love to someone else in need. 10% of all profits, goes to help kids left without love in the orphanages in the designer’s home town in Bulgaria

“The opportunity to create something beautiful every day, being inspired by the beauty of my surroundings, the ability to love and be loved in return, greatly influences my life and the dedication to my craft.” - Jana