It's been a long time!

October 15, 2015 2 Comments

We are back!!!

It's been a long time since our last blog post, I know. There is no excuse, no matter what. I've been procrastinating this moment since December 2014, and I don't know why. After the last post about our trip to Morocco, we got busy with the holiday season, and my full time job at the restaurant consumed most of my time from December until April. Also, ( if you remember I got engaged ) planning my wedding was very overwhelming and as a result, Fast Love got left a little bit behind for a while.

 This is what my winters look like. I love it


I found time to go snowboard only once this past winter...busy, busy...

Cozy winter nap...

Towards the end of the winter I found some time and made new pieces which I never found time to put on the website.

Some of the summer pieces. Loving classy black and white

That's what my desk/kitchen table looks like

The off season came quickly and as usual we put everything in storage, moved out from our place, left the cats with friends, packed our bags and took of for our travel adventure.

Packing made me realize I have some serious addiction. 

And we are off again..

This time we explored Fiji, Samoa, and then spent a month surfing in Indonesia. What can I say, not a bad life style at all. But slow way to grow my business.

Seaplane above the Islands of Fiji

Samoa! Amazing place.

And of course, Bali. One of my favorite place.

I have this dream to grow and make Fast Love a successful, well known brand but at the same time I dream to travel around the world. I still can't figure it out how to make them both work. 

As a vegan, this is my favorite breakfast. How I miss this in the mountains.

Who said I don't work when I am on vacation...Not bad

I love working on my business from office like this...

After 2 amazing months of travel I got back and guess what? I got accepted to be a vendor and have a booth at the Jackalope Art Fair in Denver at the end of July. I was so so excited and determined that I could do this, although I was scared of not being good enough or ready for this big of an event. I had exactly one month to prepare, from new jewelry pieces, to displays, booth set ups, decor, signs, packaging etc. Here are some photos through out the process:

 I made my own displays, cut them, stain them...

Here I am, setting up my booth. Was such an exciting moment

And the final result. Not bad for 1st timer

How did my 1st ever Art Fair go? Well, lets put it this way: It was a great learning experience, it would have been to easy if it went perfect. The first day I had no sales, that's right 0 sales. I was crushed, I hit the bottom pretty much, I was ready to give up and go home ( of course the easiest thing to do ). But I had the biggest support from my fiance, who is always by my side and would never let me give up. On the next day I told my self that it can't be worse, and at least and I knew what to expect. I met and talked with many artist, learned a lot about markets ( when and what to do, pros and cons ) I conquered the fear of being in front of people and selling my jewelry and by the end of the day I had sales. Lastly but not least I did it, I made it through my first ever market. That itself was a big step for me.

Always trying to remind myself! Follow your heart!

After that I had a trunk show at a local boutique, then a booth for couple of Sundays at our local Farmers Market and I sold two pieces each time. For me and for Fast Love that is a huge new step forward.

Trunk show at Luca Bruno store in Vail, CO

My booth at the local Farmers Market

Not a bad summer at all. Looking back two years ago, wow I have come a long way. There is more and more people that get to know the brand, plus a the Luca Bruno boutique sells my pieces pretty often, which helped me get featured in an article in the local news paper Vail Daily. In a few words July and August have been a pretty successful two months for Fast Love and I couldn't be more happier. Looking back a lot has change and I am very grateful and blessed with the results of all the love and hard work I have put behind Fast Love. I am looking forward to making it grow more and better.

There is another new thing I changed and added to the company, our new mission that we are implementing this summer:

FAST LOVE’s Mission: To Give love Back! Fast Love is not about making another product to increase the mass consumerism, instead by buying that one piece of jewelry you really love, we give Love to someone else in need. 10% of all profits, goes to help kids left without love in the orphanages in the designer’s home town in Bulgaria

So we just got back from Bulgaria, visiting family, friends and having our church wedding. Also, Fast Love made our first donation to a baby orphanage in my home town Plovdiv. 

A sneak peak behind the scenes, when I delivered a car full of diapers and other baby essential.

The feeling of making other people happy and giving love is priceless. Here is the place to say a big THANK YOU to all friends, family, and loyal customers who believe in us and support us. Without you, this wouldn't be possible.

P.S. RIP Funny. We love you so much

Unfortunately life happens. We lost our little kitty Funny. This is the last photo of her.

We still miss you and love you tons.

Keep loving, Spread the Love. 

Fast Love!


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December 14, 2016

Looks like so much fun, ive been dying to hit the slopes! Also love your abalone necklaces!


October 22, 2015

Jana, you beautiful soul, you – I am SO happy for you and your journey! Your website is gorgeous and your photos flatter your work so well. You have such a talent and I just read through your blogs (shamelessly creepin’ while it’s slow at work) and I’ve got to say: you are such an inspiration. I fully mean that. Your lifestyle, your perspective, your attitude, your travels…I’m in awe. I currently have two of your necklaces sitting in the web-cart right now waiting for me to proceed to check out and I can’t wait to see (and finally purchase!) that gorgeous labrodite bracelet today too!!(assuming we’re still on for cooking at Amy’s) Girl, I’m SO proud of you for pursuing your passion and I’m excited to see where your talent takes you! I feel pretty honored to be able to say that I personally know the designer of Fast Love, AND that I have the privilege of being able to celebrate your wedding!!

(P.S. In all seriousness, I am BEYOND excited – this will be my first ever trip outside of the States and the first trip EVER stamped in my passport. Who better to celebrate that first stamp and be abroad with than a lovely group of the most beautifully adventurous souls I’ve ever met in this magical place that we call home, all in honor of your special day??? I’m so excited for You and Mikey!)

Keep up the excellence babe, you’ve GOT this :)

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