Trip to Morocco

December 01, 2014 1 Comment

It's been quite a while since my last post, and the reason was that I was traveling again. A week a go, we came back from our off season trip before the winter. This time went to Morocco and Amsterdam. For the first week we went to the coast in a small surfing town called Taghazout. We stayed at Surf Maroc in their Villa Taghazout and I highly recommend it to everyone. 


We booked the surf camp package and it was everything you could ask for. Great rooms, amazing views, three meals a day, all day transportation to surf spots, surf guiding, yoga at sunset and amazing hosts Rosie and Tom.

When the ocean goes flat you can enjoy a quick camel ride on the beach

I am still improving my surfing learning experience

The simplicity of life there was addicting, all we did was eat, surf, eat, surf, yoga.... it felt like going back to the roots



I love goats, so I was very happy to see them everywhere. I had no idea they could climb trees. Haha

Colorful stairs


After a week on the coast we went to Marrakech for few days. It's a very busy, crowded city with their souks and endless shopping


Wandering around the streets of Marrakech 

So many beautiful rugs, I had to get one

Colorful spices

You can shop there for days, as long as you don't mind haggling, you can find some amazing treasures.

Three days was enough in the busy city. I got some new materials for my new collection and it was time to escape to the country side. We went on a tree day trip to the Sahara Desert, and that was an adventure.

Crossing through the snowy Atlas mountains

A local Berber village

I am glad I got to see Ouarzazate, where many movies have been filmed.


Here we are at the best moment. Camel rides in to the desert with an overnight stay at a berber camp.

I don't know if you will agree but I think they are very cute animals 

Once in a lifetime experience, the Sahara Desert

Definitely Morocco was an amazing trip we had a wonderful time and the most unexpected thing happen on a beautiful sunrise in the desert. My loving boyfriend of 7years proposed to me, wow I am engaged now. There will be so many new things to share with you in the future, so keep following my journey to find out whats comes next. I hope you enjoyed this post.

P.S. I am finally back to work so there will be new posts coming with a sneak peak of my new collection and behind the scenes stories.


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December 10, 2014

very nice and thanks for sharing!

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