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October 30, 2014 3 Comments

Here we are, the last part of this journey back in time. What did Fast Love do this past summer? I think by now you already know what's next. Well, the winter was over and the best part came: Traveeeel....We had an amazing month and a half trip to Indonesia, Sri Lanka and Costa Rica. We enjoyed and explored new territories, new cultures,we surfed, we laughed, and we had the best time.


Having so much time off from my other job was the best for me to work on my website. By then I already learned how to change and design almost everything on my site, I made new slideshows for my site, I took new beach photos with my jewelry and stayed active on my social media promoting my business. If I had sales online while I was gone, I had my friend in the states who would pack and ship the packages for me.  Unfortunately, sales were not piling up like I wanted, and it was still so hard to get traffic to my site and to have people to know about it.

After the vacation we got back to Vail, moved in to a new rental place as always ( mm yes, we did move every 6 months...crazy ). I went back to work at the restaurant, took more metalsmith classes in Denver and in my free time I worked on my new summer collection of jewelry.



My goal for this summer was to get the courage to go to some local stores and try to sell my jewelry to them. I bought a travel case so I could carry my products and hit the shops in Vail Village. I walked around, stopped by some, got a couple of owners' business cards, heard a few " No, Thank you " and passed by many others that I was scared to go in and ask. It was an intimidating experience for me since I am not a very good sales person. Overall, I don't think I did good at all, I definitely need more self confidence and practice. I knew the owner of a local store that sells high end clothes and accessories that I used to work for so that was my last hope. We had a meeting and he agreed to give it a try and have some of my pieces in his store for consignment. It was such a happy moment for me.

This summer I ended up doing all my photo-sessions myself. I was the photographer, stylist, make up artist etc. My beautiful friend Amaryth, was my model and I can proudly say that the photos turned out pretty good.

Most of the photos on my website now are from the past couple of months. Unfortunately, my gorgeous model moved away, so I have to find a new muse for the winter.

Here a some examples of my social media advertising. I did different promotions for discounts on Instagram and Facebook, which brought a little bit of traffic and only a few sales but nothing crazy. I would love to hear from you any ideas or suggestions that you have on how to make it better and what I need to change.


I bought a white box and started taking my own photo products with it. I am still experimenting and learning how to make them look better and more professional.

Here is my assistant of course, taking a break during long hours of shooting.
As I am writing this, it's already the end of October. I need to wrap it up and finnish this chapter so I can start writing in the present. It has been over an year in a half of an amazing experience of doing something that I love with passion and desire for success. Its a  new exciting, frightening, journey full with ups and down. Looking back in time, I must say that every minute of it was worth it and I have a long way to go, and a lot more work to do in order to get where I want Fast Love to be.
In the end I want to add one more of my favorite quotes:
Paulo Coelho 



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April 01, 2015

Hi this is Mary Buk Kuon Vice president of wang conmumity. I would like to thank everybody very much who is working in the conmumity. God Bless everyone and may man-wang guide us in our conmumity i will always be trying to better the conmumity 24/7 im telling all of my wang brother and sister hi and may God be with you. Thank you very much. Sincerly, Mary Buk Kuon Jerweng


November 18, 2014

Thank you so much Elizabeth, means a lot to me


November 10, 2014

Like what you’ve done so far, Jana. I wish the best to you.

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