Back to where it all started, part 3.

October 24, 2014

And here comes the winter again. If I can only describe to you the beauty and magic that surrounds me during the snowy winters in Colorado, it's incredible. As usual, we found a very small apartment to move in for the winter, and as soon as the mountain opened for the ski season we were full speed right into work, work ,work and a little bit of life.

There are a few important things that happened that winter. The first one, my Christmas present, was the cutest little Himalayan kitty. Meet my new family member and personal assistant, my adorable kitty Ke'e. She is always by my side, anything I do, and anywhere I go. She thinks she's helping and she likes to be involved and not be ignored.


The holiday season was just around the corner and its the best season for shopping. It's that time of the year that everybody makes their biggest sales, including me.  I had a few sales here and there on my Etsy shop, and a lot more through friends and family. As crazy as I was juggling my busy 9-10 hours shifts at the restaurant, then making jewelry and running my business, I must say the feeling was awesome. I enjoyed being busy and working full speed learning every day something new.


The second important thing that happened is that in January, Fast Love started it's official website . Here I have to say a big Thank you to Zory ( Zornitsa Shahanska) and Henry Wu from, who helped me build and design my website in the beginning. I couldn't have done it without their help. Also, I want to enormously thank my best friend and photographer Vasi from Freya Images for her contribution and beautiful winter photos.

I've learned so much through this journey from taking and editing photos, graphic design, and promoting my business. I started researching more about marketing and advertising. Even though you may have beautiful products and website, if people don't know about it, not much will happen. So, that was and still is my biggest challenge, getting exposer and sales on my website. I was constantly running promotions on Facebook, and Instagram for discount sales etc. But three still wasn't much traffic or sales on my site. Oh well, the one thing I've learned is to not give up and keep working hard.


We had another fun photo session with my friend Daniel Milchev and my friend Taryn who was my model. You can't imagine how freezing it was at sunrise in mid February in the high mountings of Colorado. It definitely didn't help the situation when I accidentally locked the keys in the car with the ignition on when were were about to leave. Well, that was an adventure.

Towards the end of the winer, I decided to go to school and take some metalsmith classes. I wanted to expand my skills and see where my knew knowledge could take me. I had new design ideas and I wanted to use my new techniques. I am still taking classes whenever I can go down to Denver and soon enough I should be able to set up my home studio.

To finish this post I would like to say, I am so grateful for everything that happens to me. For every mistake that has been my lesson, for every little step I've taken on the road to climb to the top of where I want to reach. Here is the perfect place for one of my favorite quotes:


Thank you all for reading and following my journey.

P.S. The last part of the past is To Be Continuing....







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