Welcome to Fast Love's 1st Blog Post! Back to where it all started, part 1.

October 20, 2014 3 Comments

I've heard that the first post is always the hardest to write.

I hope it's true. I've been procrastinating this blog for far too long, simply not because i have nothing to write about, but because I don't know how to write about it. How can I make my journey, thoughts, ideas, products, inspiration etc. interesting for you to read and follow? The one thing I realized for sure, is that if I don't do it, I will never find out...

I decided that I want this blog to be a my way of figuring it out, a learning experience, my raw diary behind the scenes of Fast Love Designs and the step by step growing progress of my business. My goal is to share with all of you my story, where and how it started, and what it took for Fast Love to be where it is now and to continue to where i want it to be. I want to share my constant ups and downs, love and passion, knowledge and mistakes, my joy and hustle through making my brand known, running a small business, reaching my goals and  to succeed....There is so many of us out there going down the same road as me, I want to be able to learn from you and to help others, don't hesitate to comment and share your thoughts and experiences. So to you who are reading right now, thank you for your time and hopefully you will come back....

I've started Fast Love Designs about a year and a half ago, that's why in my next few post I will have to go back in time in order to tell the story up to this present day. I will do a short retrospective of the past, and I hope you will enjoy this journey with me.

P.S. I need to remind myself to keep it short, no one likes to read super long blogs.

This is me, the owner and creator behind Fast Love

I am born and raised in Bulgaria, but I live in Vail, Colorado now. I came here 9 years ago to snowboard for the winter, but here I am, still here. Maybe, in another post I can tell you more about  it.


During winter, Vail is a magical place to be. It feels like you are in a winter wonderland. I've always like to create and make any sort of art from painting, sewing, graphic designs etc, but here is where I started making jewelry. It's a simple story, one day more than 6 years ago I went to a store and bought a jewelry kit with beads and I made my first necklace ever. Nothing special but I loved it. So I stared buying lots of beads and books on how to make beaded jewelry, and everyday after work I would sit down and make a necklace. I opened my 1st Etsy shop, and it didn't happen like I was dreaming about, things were not selling and of course the easy way for me was to give up. So I put everything away and got busy with my life. To be honest I don't remember how exactly it happened but 2 years ago I was traveling abroad for the summer, and every country I visited I always bought pieces of jewelry for myself I was obsessed with it. So one day I told myself: Hey, I want to make these myself. Simple. I came back to Vail for the winter and I decided to start with making wrap bracelets, they were just getting very popular then. Maybe, you would say it's not very original since people were already making them, but it got me back to creating and making things with my hands and that was just the beginning. It opened up an amazing door to express my passion for designing. You always start from somewhere, you change,  grow through out the experiences you have and develop your own style.

So just before the holidays I bought my first Mac computer and I made my first big order of beads, cords, and buttons. I set up a small plastic picnic table in the small apartment we rented and got busy.

I was so excited, and it motivated me more than ever to keep making them. I had a full time job at a restaurant in Vail ( and believe it or not I still have my full time job there. How do I juggle both? I will tell you later ) and every night after I got home from work I would sit down at my desk and make a new wrap bracelet until 2am in the morning.

I reopened my Etsy shop again, hoping that this time my jewelry would sell. And they did little by little, mostly through close friends and family supporting my art. When I got a random sale from someone I didn't know, it was such a happy moment. The name of my business at that time was different ( If I can call it a business then ) I had no logo or any straight forward idea how to make people know about it. ( Which I am kind of still struggling with it, but more about that in another post. )

I put so much love into making each one of the bracelets and then packing them. I never made 2 of the same kind, every single one was different than the other. As a shop owner at Etsy it was important for me to support other shop owners so I tried to buy all of my supplies there. Including beads, boxes, little handmade stickers, tapes etc. 

I started my Instagram account and it was my first experience with social media. I took most of my pictures myself unless I had to be the model, then my boyfriend would jump behind the camera and we tried to make it look professional with the little experience we had.


Everyone really liked the bracelets but it was taking me more than an hour to make one of them, and after 10 hours work at the restaurant staying up till 2 am in the morning and making only one bracelet was really not very productive. So I started making necklaces as well, it took me less time and it really allowed me to be more creative. I ordered a bunch of different pendants, chains, findings, and I started putting the pieces together.


My necklaces were such a success through all my friends, and everyone wanted to buy one for themselves or a gift. I would always wear a piece at work and customers would always compliment them and ask where I got them, and often buy it from my neck or would meet me on the next day to buy more. The feeling was overwhelming but I knew it wasn't professional enough yet. Yes, I was making beautiful jewelry but I had no idea how to make that into a business. I was missing so many important components. So this is one of my goals with this blog, sharing with you my experience and mistakes, learning process of how to make it into a real business and make my brand popular to the world. I am sure I am not alone in this. I would love to her from you. How did you start? How are you making it work? Any comments, advice, stories, please share with me and lets all help each other through this incredible journey.

P.S. Wow! I finally finished this longly awaited first blog post, as scary and intimidating as it was for me, I am glad I did it and the next post should be a step easier I hope. Continuing....


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October 23, 2014

Thank you so much Danny, your support means a lot for me.


October 23, 2014

i am proud of you, Jana, and all of my purchases, too. Your perseverance and classes have really paid off. How are your sales in shops going?

Mike Dunworth
Mike Dunworth

October 21, 2014

So proud of you. Amazing job! English being your second language, your writing is great!

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